Our Carbon Offset

  Offset   We are Offset! 

We at Unfound Home are working towards a better future, for you and us all.  

We would like to tell you that every order out of www.unfoundhome.co.uk 
we give a contribution towards the Jarí Para Forest Conservation Project in the Amazon Rainforest, this is in cooperation with Shopify Offset. 

Should you personally wish to contribute towards this cause personally to offset your carbon footprint, set up a Shop Account and pay through your account. 
Shopify will then let you know what your offset is for that order and pay an additional contribution, on your behalf. 

For every one (1) order we Offset it has the equivalance to offsetting:-

       Greenhouse Gas Emissions;

  • 2.5 miles driven by an average passenger vehicle 

      CO2 Emissions;

  • 1.1 pounds of coal burned 
  • 122 number of smartphones charged

For more information on these statistics:
(These are used only for visual understanding and not actual statistical information of exactly what the offsets are. Read Shopify's information for further information on this)

For more information on the Jarí Para Forest Conservation Project:

Shopify's Carbon Offset Strategy: 
Read more about why Shopify believe offsetting is important, why we are supporting the cause ourselves as a business, how it works, and where your offset funds are going.