UnfoundHelp Podcasts

Keep up to date with the latest podcasts by our business consultancy company, Unfound Help  where you will hear from business owners and industry experts from all over the world. 
Their stories will intrigue you into how they started their businesses but mainly, why they started their businesses or what path lead them into the particular industry they work in. 

What is Unfound Help or who is it? 

Ross Martin, the creator behind the Unfound concept, advises business owners for what may be their next best idea. 

"Unfound help is here to provide you with the help through our business development consultation and advisory services. As an individual yet ever growing my connections throughout the United Kingdom and abroad, I will help and advise you of some of the best practices to put in place and your next steps forth. A belief of advising for a better tomorrow, from a different perspective." 

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